2013 Hottest Bathroom Trends

2013 Hottest Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms became one of the most important rooms in the house. Modern to spa like décor helps people feel better and rejuvenated. The following five design trends for 2013 help set the tone for a bathroom that is both contemporary and calming.



Why pay someone for “spa time” when you can turn your own bathroom in a luxury spa retreat. Marble in the shower is in big demand. From slabs of marble to large tiles to mosaic patterns.


Elegant Lighting

Lighting is important in a bathroom not just for grooming, but also for the ambiance it leaves you with.


Hands Free Faucet

Bathroom faucet surfaces often harbor germs. When you touch the faucet after washing your hands, anything that was on the faucet can transfer to your skin, making your hands not so clean even just seconds after washing them with soap. Motion sensing faucets eliminate this risk by eliminating the need to touch the fixture to turn it on and off.




The tub is far from dead, however; it’s just changing. Now, more people are looking towards a more quiet, spa like experience when it comes to choosing a bathtub. The hot new trend for 2013 is a soaking tub. You can find out more about the benefits of a soaking tub by check checking out ourJapanese Soaking tub.

soaking tub1
Glass Showers

The must have for 2013 showers are all about glass and more glass. People want to feel like they can escape with an oasis of a spa like setting. The airy feeling and the idea of no shower curtains makes for a more luxurious feeling.


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Allen Tankersley