Are You Ready For Some Football?

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football season is just a few days away. For most of you, your favorite team will not be playing in the big game this weekend. However, that won’t stop you from enjoying the game! After all, a poll by Adweek/Harris found, “Almost two thirds of U.S. adults say they currently watch NFL football (64%), including almost three quarters of men (73%) and over half of women (55%).”

Whether you are hosting a party or heading to your friend’s house, everyone will be looking forward to some tasty food and a good seat in front of the TV.

Over the years, the Cornerstone Builders has built many custom living spaces, including some that are ideal for cheering on your favorite football team.  Here’s a one we thought you might like.

watch football custom house

That’s in a beach house we worked on at Devil’s Lake. Check out the rest of the home here.

Here’s another project we worked on that’s perfect for watching football. This colorful living space is ideal for large gatherings, with lots of cozy spots to enjoy some peace and quiet:

cornerstone_3136 NE 35th_0512-8558

For everyday use, this family loves the well-lit atmosphere with plenty of choices to either sit by the fire or watch TV. Click here to see the rest of this house remodel. On Football Sunday, this room will be ideal for every guest to have a comfortable seat and enjoy a good view of the game.

Next time you’re watching the game and thinking about adding more space to entertain your guests, contact us today and see what great designs we can build for you!

Allen Tankersley