Top 5 Pools And Designs For 2014

Top 5 Pools And Designs For 2014

With Summer finally here it’s easy to dream about putting in a beautiful backyard with a swimming pool.  Well, now you can put those dreams into reality with these Top 5 Pools and Designs. Take a look to find inspiration for your own pool or spa project.


1. Backyard Oasis


With this pool you can’t go wrong. It’s spacious enough for a game of water polo, yet elegant enough to feel like you’re on vacation.


2. Fountains Galore


A decorative pool with fountains makes a simple pool into a architectural design for the elite!


3. Combo Spa and Pool

When combining a pool and spa together you get best of both worlds.  Although, not in every climate do you have the ability to use both at the same time. These pool and spa combos work best for places that have all four seasons so that you’re able to utilize them together or separately.


4.  Focused on Fitness

fitness pool

Swim spas…or swim-in-place pools…have been receiving a lot of attention lately thanks to the recent rise in health consciousness and the pursuit of fitness over the past year. Good for swimming, water workouts, and aquatic therapy, swim spas offer a great solution for small spaces, outdoors, or inside.


5. Disappearing Spa

disapperign spa

Kids have playgrounds, so why can’t adults have one too?  With this disappearing act, adults can have some fun, as well. At the touch of a button, the circular spa and stone bridge magically appear from under the water.  The flagstone bridge provides access to the spa from the deck, while an underwater tunnel lets swimmers enter the spa area directly from the pool. With the press of another button, the spa and bridge “disappear” by lowering below the water level.

With these designs, hopefully you will have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a pool. You have so many options now for creating either an oasis, fitness center,or just hanging out with the family style pool.  Tell us what your favorite kind of pool is and what makes it special to you?

Allen Tankersley