Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

What does a 2016 kitchen look like? Cornerstone Builders has come up with the top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016. We’ll look at everything from lighting to materials to new features that make entertaining easier.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important trends that define a quintessential kitchen in 2016.

Natural Wood:

We all love reclaimed wood. The new idea in 2016 is mixing it with a more modern
minimalistic look. Try adding a natural wood barn door in your kitchen for a rustic but simple feel.

The clean metal elements in this kitchen really strike a beautiful balance with the wood!

natural wood barn door

Copper Kitchen Elements:

Copper is showing up in beautiful pendant lights, sinks, and other accent pieces. Copper in the kitchen has always been popular, but now it’s fresh and exciting and being layered into today’s modern updated kitchens.

I love the gorgeous copper facade on this oven.

copper oven

Pendant Lighting:

There are so many new and exciting choices out there, whether your style is vintage, contemporary, or traditional. Something to note is that pendant lights are not just for dining rooms or hanging over the kitchen Island. You can hang them anywhere! I love seeing them in bedrooms hanging right over the bed or in a cozy reading corner or in a living room right in the center of all the furniture. Pendant lights are showing up with amazing metallic finishes like copper and brass. They’re a great choice for 2016!

kitchen Pendant Lighting

Wet Bar:

Families are entertaining more at home these days. Smaller wet bars are becoming the new way to entertain guests. We are seeing a lot of wine cellars and living rooms being combined into one bright, beautiful environment. Not only is it convenient, it also adds a fun, sophisticated flair to your kitchen.

small wet bar in the kitchen

Barn Doors:

Looking for a pantry door that’s unique? The sliding mechanism of the barn door is what makes it so perfect for the pantry. This helps save space in the kitchen, as you will not need any additional clearance area for swinging open the door. Lighter, more modern sliding barn-style doors also offer a versatile alternative, and you can even use paint to ensure they blend in with the color scheme of your kitchen.

sliding pantry barn door
There you have it: 5 beautiful and functional kitchen trends for this year.

What are some 2016 favorites of yours?

Allen Tankersley