Remodeling Your Home; Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Remodeling Your Home; Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

When it comes to home remodeling projects big or small, all homeowners have one question: should I stay or go during the remodel? The answer depends on the extent of the remodel and where its located. Here are some ways to determine whether you should stay in your home during a remodel, or stay somewhere else until the projects is complete. 


Do I have the money?

Renting an apartment for the the time it will take to finish the project could be pricey, but some contractors charge more for projects where clients stay home. The reason for this is the additional cost in clean up, and the increased likelihood that services will be interrupted due to lengthy conversations with homeowners.

The best way to get some perspective on this is to speak with someone who has done a remodel. Ask them how the overall task was for them. It will give you a clearer idea of how your home will be affected during the project so that you can make a sound decision.


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Scope of the project

If your home remodeling project affects half of your house or almost all your bathrooms and the kitchen, then you can assume you will need to leave. If you have a family with kids, you know how hard it would be sharing a bathroom and not having a functioning kitchen to cook meals.

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In living in the Pacific NW we love our pets, but one of the keys to a quick and easy remodel is to keep pets away from the construction site. Temporary doors can help, but sometimes the noise is just to much for the furry guys.  We love your pets, but you must know the limits. Some contractors will put a clause in your contract saying that they are not responsible if your pet escapes.


We know that kids can be fascinated with the work going on, but the more they are engaged with the work the more your cost can go up. Most contractors working by the hour or budgeted specifically for the length of the remodel. That can add up if your child is constantly asking, “What is that?”  Your child may have nap time, but that doesn’t stop the work going on. You may need to find an alternative place to stay or make the choice to get an apartment.

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Yes, you can make a temporary kitchen with a microwave and  toaster oven,some paper plates and plastic silverware.  With a big family, however, that could become a huge headache.  Another alternative is preparing meals for the duration of the remodel and freezing them before your remodel starts. With this idea you must remember you will need to buy an outside freezer and prepare enough food. You also have to determine whether you will  have time to prepare all those meals in addition to getting your house ready for the major construction.

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You may think this isn’t one of the biggest problems, but it definitely can be with a family of 3 or more. If you’re down to one bathroom and your kitchen is out of commission,  where will you wash your plates and cups? Yep… guessed it outside! If your remodel is during the winter months that may become a big problem. If one of your bathrooms are up and running, washing your dishes in the tub could be a huge hassle with people also bathing and showering.  While contractors try to keep the dust and dirt to a minimum, it’s still impossible to have a dust free home while remodeling.  You can find tips on using natural cleaning supplies by clicking here.



Even if decide to stay during your home remodel, you will still have to go during parts of the project. When it comes to hardwood floors you can’t stay in the house with the fumes. It’s generally a two day process to eliminate all the fumes to that you are able to come back home. While choosing to stay allows you to be completely aware of the state of your house and what’s going on, it can also be a HUGE task to stay home with a family as well. So please look at all the ups and downs talk to people who have gone though this before deciding what is best for your family.


Do you have any advice on staying or going?

Allen Tankersley