Great Remodeling Ideas For Growing Families

Great Remodeling Ideas For Growing Families

So it’s time for more space and functionality? As families grow, parents need to make some difficult decisions. Do they want to move into a new house that is much larger or do they want to stay where they are and build an addition? Can they afford to move to a larger house or would it be cheaper to renovate their current house? In this month’s post, we’ll talk about great remodeling ideas for growing families.

Home Addition:

Home additions are a great solution for providing additional living space to your home, if your family is growing, or is expecting to grow.

Play Areas: Playing in the backyard is great when it’s nice out, but your kids need a space to have fun during the cold Beaverton winters and rainy days. Another great home addition is a bonus room or playroom, where your kids can play all types of games.

Family Rooms: Our favorite is a solid, room addition to a home with a fireplace to relax by, open shelving and lots of windows. It’s a great place for the family to be together on during any season.

In-Law Apartment: Do you have an aging parent or parents who are finding it increasingly difficult to take care of themselves, and who you don’t want to see end up in a nursing home? One alternative you may want to consider is building an in-law addition onto your home and having them move in with you. An in-law addition allows your aging parents to have the independence and privacy that all people want while giving you the opportunity to have them live closer to you so that you can keep a watchful eye out on them.

Bathroom Remodels:

His and Her Vanity: A double vanity provides ample space for partners to prep for a night out or for visitors to settle in. And his-and-hers bathroom sinks are excellent for family homes where extra amenities can make life a little easier.

Kid-friendly Features: Kids grow up and need their own bathroom space as much as adults. A lot happens in the family bathroom, adults and children need their own space. Designing a child’s bathroom could be challenging. It’s easy to get focused on designing a bathroom for little kids, and then in a couple of years, they’re eight inches taller. Keep in mind low-maintenance materials and neutral fixtures work best as your kids grow.

Aging in Place Features: Installing grab bars can increase safety in the bathroom and is a great part of any aging in place remodeling project. Typically, when people think of grab bars, they typically think of something that looks like it begins in a hospital. Today, you can find grab bars in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor and taste. The most accessible option for a roll-in shower is a curb-less entrance. This allows for wheelchair access. Adjustable shower heads are a great way to add accessibility to a bathroom. Then add a seat and you have a safe bathroom for the aging.

Kitchen Remodels:


Open Floor Plans: Designing a kitchen with an open floor plan is a popular option for homeowners. This brings family and friends together in a way that is not possible when each room is compartmentalized. Take a smaller room into a large room, you create an inviting an area for entertaining.

Work Areas for Kids’ Homework: A new trend is creating a built-in homework area. Young kids can grow with it and make it more of a study space. Be sure to plan ahead and include some shelving and some drawers or cabinets, so kids can keep all of their school materials close at hand.

Luxury Features: Looking for luxury features for your kitchen? Read our blog Luxurious Features For Your Portland Kitchen Remodel.

Other Ideas for your family

Dog Nooks: So many of us have dogs. Dogs are part of your family and need a place of their own. We came up with a variety of remodels for your dogs own space. You can read 4 Built-In Sleeping Areas For Dogs.

Central Vacuum System: A central vacuum system runs pipes through walls to a large vacuum unit typically located in a garage or basement. Suction ports, which resemble electrical outlets, are added to walls throughout the home, allowing the user to easily attach and detach a hose and move from room to room without hauling around a heavy vacuum.


Common Questions About Remodeling Family Homes:

  1. Can we stay in the house while you work? Yes, you can, but it may be easier for everyone if you have a room to hang out in aside from the remodel.
  2. Do you manage contractors and the schedule or do I have to do that? Cornerstone Builders takes care of everything from design to build.
  3. Do you clean up as work to keep my kid safe? We pride ourselves on making sure every day after we finished we clean up after. No one wants to make matters worse by keeping a dirty area.

We hope this helps plan your next remodel!

Allen Tankersley