Outdoor Living Spaces get Spectacular Views in Portland!

Outdoor Living Spaces get Spectacular Views in Portland!

Outdoor Living Spaces get Spectacular Views in Portland!

Living outdoors…

Whether you still call it a deck or a patio or you opt for the ever-so-trendy ‘outdoor living space’ we can all agree, after a long winter and fall, every Oregonian is ready to get outdoors and enjoy the sunny season. So, while the rain is drenching, the sleet is sleeting and the snow is sometimes falling…it’s very hard to concentrate on enjoying the outdoors. Most people don’t realize that a great outdoor season starts right now.

Maybe you need a deck. Maybe just some landscaping. Or maybe you are going for the full-on outdoor room with a gas BBQ and working sink – making for less trips inside and more time outside. By piping your gas barbecue into your home’s gas system, you can eliminate trips to get new tanks at the store or running out of gas 1/2 way though preparing your favorite meal. While piping your BBQ, you may decide you need to have a fire pit as well. Running water from your interior system is easy…keeping it from freezing when the weather turns isn’t – but a good contractor can insulate pipes and build a shut-off/drain valve so you can enjoy your kitchen in the summer and forget it in the winter.

So, why do you think about summer in spring? Well, you need to plan ahead, you might need permits, you need to get your deck in place, your outdoor kitchen up and running, you need to burn a few ‘practice steaks’ and you need to get landscaping done in time for your big garden party. That means you need to start talking to a contractor now – so every detail is covered later.

Now, if you have some serious outdoor living space…maybe you want to consider a pool, pool house, hot tub enclosure, backyard office or yoga studio or even an entirely separate outdoor house for changing and entertaining – without people having to make their way back into your indoor sanctuary. Until you talk with a contractor, you’ll never know if you can afford your dream home – indoors and out.

Home & Garden TV says your outdoor space is usually the least utilized part of the home. By building a space that lures you outdoors when the whether is right – you can make your green spaces your favorite places in your home.

Whatever your needs, Cornerstone Builders, Inc has experience with making the best of ocean views, lakefront property, West Hills vistas or turning an ordinary back yard into a showplace to entertain your friends and family. Give us a call and we will help you get back outdoors (maybe we can get started on your indoor spaces while you enjoy your brand new outdoors space).

Allen Tankersley