New Year’s Resolutions: Which room do you resolve to tackle in 2015?

New Year’s Resolutions: Which room do you resolve to tackle in 2015?

With the new year here, we have so many resolutions on our minds for 2015. Have you thought about your home and what you would like to see? Is one of your resolutions “Finally make more kitchen storage” or “Update the master bath”? Which room is in need of a new makeover: your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or maybe your basement? We have compiled some ideas below to help inspire you.


Remodeling is one of the top home-related New Year’s resolutions for Zillow readers, one of whom wanted to rehab her kitchen. She’s not alone. Unless you eat takeout for every meal, you probably spend several hours a week in your kitchen. That’s reason enough to consider a remodel. If redoing the entire room is overwhelming, start small. Upgrading your refrigerator to an energy-efficient model not only updates your kitchen’s look but can lower your electric bill. Or a good way to kick off the year is decluttering your kitchen. Then you’ll know how much space you really need, which can help you know how much storage to ask for in a kitchen remodel.

Speaking of storage, here’s a modern kitchen with a clean look and a nice combination of open and traditional shelving.

modern kitchen

For more classic tastes, here’s a simple traditional kitchen — also beautiful, open, and ready for your culinary prowess.



If you want to relax and pamper yourself more in 2015 — and why wouldn’t you? — creating a spalike bathroom is the perfect place to start. (While you’re at it, This Old House recommends putting the bathroom fan on a timer to fight mold. It’s not a glamorous New Year’s resolution, but it’s a good one!)

This inspired bathroom features tall windows that have automatic window shutters for privacy.

bathroom outside

Freestanding tubs are in for 2015, which gives you a lot more room to work with in your bathroom.

Bathroom3 (1)


If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, 2015 is the year to fix that! Get a new mattress, try light-blocking shades, or invest in a bedroom remodel. An open bedroom with can lighting and open walls makes a small bedroom look bigger.


Your bedroom could be your own oasis with custom cabinets and the perfect lighting to relax in.


So tell us, what’s your New Year’s resolution for 2015? If you’re ready to stop putting off a home remodel, contact us today!

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