Japanese Soaking Tub

Published on June 19, 2012 by Allen Tankersley

What are the Health Benefits?


Research has proved that water is a natural healer. Soaking in warm water has similar benefits to exercise without over exerting the heart. The temperature increases heart rate but also dilates the blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to the extremities of the body without raising blood pressure. Being in warm water is different from sitting in a sauna or a steam room for one very simple reason, buoyancy. When submerged in water your body can relax easily because it is essentially weightless. The warm temperature releases endorphins which eases tense muscles and stimulates nerves along the spinal cord which clams the endocrine system and internal organs. As a result,

  • soaking can help fight insomnia
  • back aches
  • joint pains
  • migraines

Sitting in warm bath several times a week will relax your body, ease your stress and you will feel more energized as a result.

Being made from copper, stainless steel, wood and other natural materials, they are designed to be the main focus of any bath and are really sculptural art works. The unique shape of Japanese tubs also adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s simple to find a design to fit with any décor style since you have options like ovals, circles, rectangles and cube shapes to choose from.

If you want to relax in the comfort of your own home, consider having Cornerstone Builders remodel your bathroom by adding a Japanese soaking tub. You can also find some inspiration on our blog 2013 Hottest Bathroom Trends.