5 Ways To Improve Home Air Quality

5 Ways To Improve Home Air Quality

In the winter our houses are on lock down. It’s just too cold to open the windows and let the air flow though. When you leave the furnace running for several weeks on end without opening any windows, the air becomes stale, resulting in a ‘stuffy’ home. In fact, indoor air is often up to 2 – 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Here are five ways to help fix this problem and improve your home air quality.

1. Who needs shoes?

By removing your shoes when coming into the home you can reduce the amount of dirt, feces, and all sorts of contaminants that get tracked into your home. When we wear shoes inside, we track these things all over the house, depositing them on the carpets and everywhere else in the home. So take those nasty shoes off at the door and let your feet breath while making your home less polluted.

2. Use HEPA Filters                HEPA

These can be used in both a vacuum and in your heating system. Some high quality filters can be more expensive, but are worth the cost of protecting your home from polluted air. 

3. Clean With Green Products      


Get rid of all the toxics products in your house. You can find idea’s on DIYing natural products here: Natural Ways to Spring Clean Your Home.  If you don’t have time to make our own you can spend a little more and purchase natural products.

4. Green Plants                               


Air-purifying plants can reduce the amount of pollutants in the air and put life-giving oxygen back. Here are a few plants we would recommend to help the air in your home.

The Areca Palm it has purifying score of 8.5. During the winter, it can literally replace the use of electric humidifiers altogether.

The Lady Palm has a purifying score of 8.5. The Lady Palm can be kept in dry or humid climates (anywhere from 20-100 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The Bamboo Plant this plant has a purifying score of 8.4. Bamboo palm can be counted on to purify the indoor air of anywhere you happen to be. In needs to be moist – but not wet -, and put in indirect sunlight to purify to it’s fullest.

5. Repair any leaks and replace damaged drywall.   

Humidity and moisture are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew and mold. You can help prevent mildew and mold in your home by controlling the humidity level and reducing moisture.

Here are a few things you can do to help eliminate the moisture and help the air in your home stay pure and clean. Start by checking your roof, attic, basement, or foundation for damage and leaks. Replace any drywall with signs of water damage or  black mold. When leaving the shower or bath making sure you have a towel or drain to catch the water dripping. Water over time in the same place causes rotting in your floors which in result can spread though your bathroom. Increase the air circulation by cracking a door or window and utilizing a fan.

 Please share if you have any idea’s to help the quality of air in your home.

Allen Tankersley