Book It

Book It

Do you like to read and don’t have to have time to head to the library? Look at this new concept on giving and taking, and the best part it’s FREE!


Todd Bol, co-founder of the Wisconsin-based Little Free Library was messing around and building things on his deck one day, a dollhouse-size structure he turned into a free community library and you can too!

The concept is simple: A house-shaped box in a neighborhood holds a few dozen books.  Community members are invited to share a book, leave a book or both. So take out those tools and come together as a community to share the love of books! 



Kids reading together on a spring day!



You can’t miss these vibrant colors!




Not all of them have to be fancy.



Now it’s your turn to come together as a family, and let the love of books power your community!

I wonder how many design and remodeling books are in Todd’s Free Library? After all, it’s a pretty nifty design and build concept.

Allen Tankersley