5 Timeless Design Trends For Your Home Remodel

5 Timeless Design Trends For Your Home Remodel

Elegance in design in 2018 is focused on clean lines. This emphasis on the minimalistic, clean aesthetic can be seen in architecture, millwork, tile work, cabinetry, and furnishings. Work to eliminate fussy, ornate, or opulent busy details in your home.

Clean lines create a design that is quietly understated, simple and sophisticated – and that will endure the test of time.

We gathered some timeless design trends that will look current for decades to come.

1. White kitchens are still on-trend

A white kitchen gives you the opportunity to add interesting accent pieces like the blue stools.

2. Modern Farmhouse Accents

Adding wood like pieces help create a traditional farmhouse look.

3. Millwork Detailing

Shiplap is all the rage and for good reason. You can install it just about anywhere!

4. Brass is Still Going Strong 

These colors are making a huge statement in this retro-style home.

5.  Marble With Clean Lines

Think of a princess bathroom and this is what you get. Clean lines with marble throughout this bathroom can make any girl feel beautiful.

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Allen Tankersley