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5 Stylish Built- In Sleeping Areas for Dogs

5 Stylish Built- In Sleeping Areas for Dogs

We all love our pets and want them to have their own space in our homes. We’ve gathered some great ideas to incorporate into your remodel for your loving pet.

1. Mudroom/Wash area

You can change your mudroom into a great spot for your dog. Here they added a dog wash area and built-in resting spot.


2. Dog Nooks

If your dog likes cool dark places these types of dog nook would be a perfect fit!


3. Big Dogs? No problem!

You can take any space and make it a perfect fit your big or small dog.

4. Kitchen Nooks

As we all know pets love to hang out with us in the kitchen. These stylish area could keep your pet out of the way in a comfy spot.

5. Staircase nooks

Staircases are a great place to find a little extra space for your canine counterpart! Whether you carve a nook out for him over or under the stairs, your pup is sure to love having his own private oasis!

With these ideas you can remodel just about any part of your home for your fury friend to enjoy!

Let us know what is your favorite nook?

Dan DelMain