5 Reasons Why Families Need A Home Addition

5 Reasons Why Families Need A Home Addition

Since your home is your biggest single investment, home improvements can add to its value. Any money you spend there will eventually be recouped in the form of equity.

Top reasons to add on to your home

If your home is feeling a bit cramped, then a new addition can be a great solution. People add rooms on to their home for many other reasons:

  • Offers a specialized place for hobbies and entertainment
  • Can be used as a home office
  • Gives a child their own private bedroom and/or bathroom
  • Expands your living space
  • Avoids the stress and expense of moving

Tips to keep in mind

1. An addition will forever change the layout of the house, so keep the flow of the home in mind and how the addition will change the existing feel.
2. Create a thorough and detailed wish-list. You can always prioritize it once you consider all the elements. This is a great way to find out what you really want out of your addition.
3. Legal Restrictions – be sure you are allowed to extend your structure and that it meets all ordinances, zoning restrictions, and rules.
4. Know your budget – don’t lose track of the cost. Know what you plan to put in and if that will add value to your home.
5. Materials – when adding on, try to match the existing exterior so your addition will look original. If a perfect match is not possible, choose a material with the same tones and textures.
6. The details matter – a well-designed addition will incorporate key architectural elements from shingles to gutters to windows to trim.
7. Remember the landscaping –include these elements in your overall plan to ensure proper flow from indoors to outdoors.
8. Plan for some chaos – depending on the size of the addition remember that your home will not be back to normal for quite some time.

One of Our Favorite Home Addition Projects



Our clients wanted to change their current home into their dream home; one they could live in for years to come. One of the main focus ‘must haves’ was a new master bathroom.  This was a unique project where the existing rear ‘bump out’ addition was removed in order to create the additional space necessary for a living room, laundry room, and master suite.  The ‘before’ photos show you the existing house where the addition was added for this master bathroom.

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Allen Tankersley