5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2014

2013 is behind us, but there are some great kitchen design trends in store for 2014!



1. Black Countertops: Black kitchen counters will be all the rage this year with homeowners looking to add sophistication to their kitchen. Popular materials to achieve this look will include black granite and quartz. Black counters paired with a lighter counter, such as marble or light gray for contrast, makes for a beautiful kitchen.

glass cabinets

2. Open Shelves and Glass-front Cabinets: With the kitchen becoming  a central meeting place for family and friends, presentation has become a priority for many homeowners. It is now fashionable to display almost everything in the kitchen: from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars.  Open shelves give a more modern look, but remember to avoid cluttering your space!


painted kitchen

3. Darker Paint Tones: Black, deep brown, and dark red or copper tones are some of the most popular paint colors for your home. Since dark colors may make a space feel smaller, designers recommend painting just one wall a deep shade, or consider painting the ceiling or floor. This year the Pantone color is Radiant Orchid. Looking at Pantone colors can help you decide what color works best with your personality.


light floors

4. Light Hardwood Floors: Throughout the late 90’s, dark espresso floors were all the rage. People loved dark furniture and really dark floors. Families with children can scratch up their floor more easily, but a paler wood can help disguise a lot of that. White oak, not to be confused with red oak, is most popular. If you’re looking for more inspiration click here.



5. Brass, Aged Gold, and Black Hardware: Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel are no-longer the go-to for kitchen metals anymore. Instead, more and more people are looking for warm metal and shades of iron in 2014.

To compare the difference between 2013 and 2014 treads, read our blog: 5 Kitchen Designs for 2013 and tell us what’s your favorite trend!

Allen Tankersley